20 Questions 100 Answers 6 Perspectives About Dementia

What is dementia? How should the doctor share a diagnosis of dementia with the person and the family members? What happens after the diagnosis? What are some best-care practices?
This new, 2-disk program is a compilation of honest answers about dementia from medical doctors, professional care partners, family members of those diagnosed with dementia, and a person living with it. Filled with thoughtful perspectives and firsthand experiences, this DVD will both empower families to understand and deal with dementia on their own terms and encourage healthcare professionals to think beyond their current views of dementia to provide better person- and family-centered care.

Topics include:

  • Maintaining a respect for the personhood of each person
  • Ways to help persons with dementia to continue to live purposefully
  • Recognizing differences in forms of dementia
  • Medications and behavioral concerns
  • End-of-life care. More...

Living with Dementia

To change your minds about people whose minds have changed

In the first of three parts, Dr. Power makes the case for a paradigm shift needed in the established model of institutional long-term care. Viewers see documented evidence of the negative outcomes that result from traditional care, including the dangerous practice of “medicating away” the predictably negative reactions that emerge in response to standard care practices and attitudes. In describing a new vision of care, Dr. Power describes how to

  • Redefine the disease to better understand those experiencing it
  • Stop making people with dementia look and act like we do
  • Recast “problem behaviors” as mechanisms for coping and communicating
  • Find new ways to make normal life experiences accessible to people with dementia
  • Create more opportunities for people to feel connected and find meaning day to day
  • Decrease suffering and increase satisfaction using a new "experiential" model of dementia care.
  • More...

Live Outside the Stigma:

Confronting the Myths and Stigmas of Alzheimer's Disease and other Related Dementia from the Inside Out

Everyone talks of the Myths and Stigmas attached to the words you have dementia, probably of this or that type. What are some of these myths and stigmas? How does someone living with the real consequences of them live with them, explain them, try everyday to over-come them within himself.
Join Richard Taylor, PhD. as he shares in life experiences living with dementia, probably of the Alzheimer's type. This is a must watch DVD both for caregivers as well as those with the symptoms of dementia. More...

Understanding Dementia: The Caregiver's Notebook

This new resource orients professional and family caregivers to the world of the person with dementia.  This video helps caregivers understand the causes of many dementia-related behaviors.  It gives simple strategies to prevent or redirect these behaviors while providing emotional and physical care to the person.

This video will also enable caregivers to:

  • provide dignity while bathing and helping with other personal care needs.
  • validate the person's emotions and feelings, and redirect toward familiar memories and actions
  • reduce stress and agitation by adjusting sound levels and other potential environment triggers
  • boost emotional comfort through body language and tone of voice  The video also stresses the benefits as adjusting care to accommodate the person's preferences as much as possible, and creating positive interactions that encourage use of the person's remaining skills to build self-esteem and increase personal autonomy
  • More...


Blue Flower

Judy Berry

Winner - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leaders Award